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JADE GLASS Azurite Bathroom Vanity Marble Top Jade Glass Countertops Vanity Counter Top Blue Transmitted Jade Glass Stone Slab

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Artificial Jade Glass Marble Stone/jade glass/jade glass countertop


Jade glass is one kind of environmentally green glass products, no radiation, non-aging and non-discoloring. It’s widely used in Furniture; wall decoration (both exterior and interior decoration); countertop; bar top; partition; wash sink; cabinet; divider; Floor or staircase etc.



Què és el vidre de jade


Jade Glass is also well known as Glass 2 or Sea Glass in USA, It is a similar material to Magna Glaskeramic and Bio Glass but Polished Surface. It is made of Recycled Glass, It is a green environmental building material, inorganic substance, non-aging. It has a unique, translucent optical quality that shows its crystal-like brilliance when lit up. When polished, Jade Glass Stone emits a radiant shimmer and has a unique appearance and texture. Particularly striking, is the magnificence resulting from when a Jade Glass Stone sheet is back-lit. It is a gem looking surface for the interior and exterior back-lit wall facade, table tops, kitchen countertops, work tops, flooring etc.

 jade glass dining table top project furniture tops (1)



Environmental friendly, same quality as a whole, crystal & shining, natural jade texture, luxury & beautiful.It


Can be deep processed such as toughening, hot bending, hole drilling, beveling, etc.


1) Environmentally friend products. No radiation


2) Inorganic substance, on-aging, on-discoloring


3) Rich color and elegant texture.


4 )Translucent .Can be used to create various effects ,combined with lighting.




1).Maximum size:1200x2400mm,1400x3000mm

2). Interval de gruix del vidre de jade: 15 mm, 20 mm, 30 mm

3).Color: verd, marró ambre, blanc, verd maragda, clar, gris

4).Classification: Jade glass can be divided into transmitting jade glass and matt jade glass etc.

 jade glass furniture tops


Porta decorativa; Vidre de la finestra; Vidre de partició; Vidre de mobles; vidre de la dutxa; Vidre de paret; oficina, bar, KTV.


1. Decoració exterior de l'edifici, com ara mur cortina, paret semitransparent, columnes.


2. Decoració d'interiors d'edificis públics, com ara oficines, terminals de transport, centre d'exposicions, clubs, etc.


3. Materials del sòl com ara terra, escala, etc.


4. Decoració de la casa, utilitzada en llocs com safareig, cuina, decoració de parets, etc


5. Mobles: com ara taulell, taula de te, armari de vins, taulell de bars.

jade glass dining table top project furniture tops (3)